Monday, November 12, 2018

Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies


I am taking a course about this on edX - U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self, using my Laptop to view the videos. And I am reading the book on my Fire tablet. I have both open at the same time.

I recommend you do the same. You will have the best of two worlds.

We have to Start from Where We Are

And where we are, right now is unusual, and has never happened before in the history of the world.

We have learned how not to be.

And this has enormous implications. What we were 50 years ago is not who we are now.

Well-meaning people (and there are a lot of them) try to make us better, not realizing they are talking to radically different people. that cannot understand what they are saying.

For example, the people after the election of Trump in America, or after Brexit in the UK.

These events have resulted in two different populations that cannot understand each other.

Mitch McConnell and the Ancient Metaphor that Created Modern Sexism


I get many emails in my inbox, but I only link on this blog to a few of them. And this is one of those.

I am confused about my sexuality, and this helps me to clarify it.

Using the Computer to determine Congressional Districts

Here is how to do this.

Every state has many voting districts, where people go to vote. How each district voted in the past is well known. And these could lumped together with adjacent districts, that voted the same in the past, to make a larger one. This step could be repeated, to join more adjacent districts, that have voted the same in the past - until no more similar districts could be found. Every district in the State, would be labeled, as assigned to a larger district, or not.

This part would be easy, and you would end up with a number of voting districts, formed from smaller districts. What comes next, would be more difficult. This patchwork of voting districts, made by a Computer, would be presented to a government body, assembled for this purpose. They would have to decide what to do next. The large number of districts made by the Computer, would have to be reduced to the number available. The advantage here, is that all this would be done in the open, not in secret.

We live in a terrible world

This is something we all should know, be continually aware of, and share with each other. Along with one other thing - that we have excellent intuitive skills that we can use to help each other. When we try to override these, and think only of ourselves - we are in big trouble.

This is highlighted by an article in today's Washington Post. WWI was caused by people who could not live together peacefully.

Now that we have the Computer to help us in our thinking, we should make sure it is helping us to work together. Having articles. like the one above, is not enough - the Computer should make it clear that we are one species. and we can work together easily.

As it is working now, it is only making things worse - and this seems to suit most people. When they use their Phone, it makes them feel better. If it showed them the world as it really is, they would feel worse. At least at first, but once they got over that initial shock, they would see how people could work together.

We have the technology to do this, with excellent computer translations, and the ability to include diverse points of view. All we lack is the willpower to do this.

I have just discovered that that the handheld format, with its limited screen size, and lack of multiple tabs. is not adequate for viewing serious books, I have switched to the Kindle for PC, that lets me do some serious viewing. I now have a whole library of Kindle books on my PC, many of them, I did not know about before!

One of these is on Nautilus, and it deals with the origin of Language in the Unconscious! I took the time to read it, and I hope you will too.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Changing Who You Are, or Changing the Way You Solve Your Problems

These are two different ways of solving the same problem - how to make a better world.

The first believes a fundamental change in people themselves is necessary, the second believes a change in their problem-solving skills will be enough.

The first takes a moral approach, the second a technical approach. Either one, has a series of steps that can be followed.

In practice, another approach is used - just muddle along.

I lean toward the technical approach, and a skillful use of the computer. This will not solve any people problems, but it will give them time to work on them.

Google has Poor People Skills

The most direct way of seeing this, is the way it handled the  complaints of its workers, this last week. It kept saying, it was listening to their problems, and would answer them. But never did.

As if that was enough. You suspect, it was hoping these problems would just go away, if it waited long enough. These are extremely poor, people skills.

A more indirect way, is its poor way of explaining its technical products - of which there are many.

I am trying to learn Angular, an Application Platform that it has built, that is awesome. And awesomely simple, I am sure. But its own documentation is not up to the job (and that is putting it charitably). Another company ( is explaining it, in a way my 82-year old mind can understand.

You suspect it believes explaining things to people, is not important. People should be smart enough to understand, without any explanations. This is probably true, but only for a few, extremely intelligent people. The rest of us, the 80 percent, will not understand - and cannot use their products.