Tuesday, July 17, 2018

An easy way to understand Russia

Resd A Terrible Country

It will not only inform you - it will also entertain you.

You will see how Putin and Trump are not that different.

How Russia Conquered America — Without Firing a Bullet


How I wish I had written this!

I think Russia didn’t need to fire a bullet because it realized that all it needed to do was help finish what America itself had started. The project of undoing a democracy — using a democracy. 

So Russia installed the cartoon President it chose without so much as having to lift a rifle. Everyone “failed” to see what was happening, didn’t they — sometimes pretty, well, wierdly enthusiastically? From intelligence agencies. To the press. From the media. To academics, thinkers, and pundits. From armed forces to governors. Why was that? Every single institution in the blighted and strange democracy had come to believe in a strange and perverse idea — that it was only there to undo itself. It was so busy doing that, that it didn’t notice that help was on the way, from its worst enemy. Or maybe it did — and so, even more absurdly, many celebrated this brave man who seemed to be capable of finishing the job of using democracy to wreck democracy.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Historic Win and the Future of the Democratic Party

New Yorker Magazine

This is a textbook study of the American Left. And bears some careful reading, Something far too many Americans never do,

They are either apathetic or reactionary. She is dynamic.

Monday, July 16, 2018

How an Adventure Tour should Work

I got this info from my friend Ray, who works for a company that does this all the time.

The procedure is simple. If the river is too high for safe rafting, they cancel the trip, few days before it is scheduled to start, and refund the money.

The customer, who is usually in the States, gets nothing else!

Ray asked that this be added:
First, all adventure tours are not necessarily river rafting.  Some tours can be cancelled because of torrential rain or other extenuating circumstances.  Clients are refunded.  If cancellations occur before the date they are offered, optional tours are offered. in place of the one cancelled.

The relationship between the RLDS church and the Black community

This relationship can be stated easily - there wasn't any.

When I attended the Church's Graceland college in the Fifties, it thought it should have some Black students, and made a serious search for some Black families. They found only one, and it lived in Detroit. None of its children wanted to go to Graceland.

Nietzsche and Wagner

The importance of Wagner in the 19th Century, has been mostly forgotten. But his impact at time, was overwhelming. Everyone in Germany was either passionately for him, or against him.

And one of those people was Nietzsche. He even tried to seduce Wagner's wife! And he took her rejection of him - very seriously. This was one of the reasons he left Germany, and lived the rest of his short life in Switzerland.

Wagner was a musical genius - but also a despicable person, in his own life. One of his admirers was Hitler, who built a new performance center for Wagner's widow. And attended performances of his works there personally!

Making a Better World

Few people are interested in this anymore. And they don't want to know they are not interested. For them, the world is just the way it is, and changing it is not something they are interested in. They only want to be entertained.

For women, the results can be a large gain of weight, that also includes a large change in their personalty. They are no longer interested in being attractive, and may even consider any attractiveness they used to have, as being dangerous. Because that would make others harm them in a variety of ways, including sexually.

For men, the results are harder to explain, because they have to adapt to, and become part of, an exploitative environment. But the results are easy to see, they are only interested in helping themselves - no one else.

The two strategies above can interact in some very complex ways.

But I am telling you something you already know - life is hard. And what you want to know is how you can best survive in it. But you probably have a survival strategy already, without knowing it.

And it is simple, if almost unbelievable - you have stopped being!